What is the cost for an "I Matter" project?
There are several preformatted programs available that range from $3500 - $40,000. There are many variables that are taken into account and we're happy to suggest or customize a program that is ideal for your organization's needs and budget. Program costs can include and or all of the following: printing, workshop facilitation, retouching, graphic design, exhibit construction and installation, equipment rental or purchase, fundraising coordination, and forum and reception facilitation.

How many participants are included?
To date, "I Matter" projects have included from 25-100 participants. Each project is customized depending on population, venue size, budget, etc.

Are there Age Requirements?
Yes, 12 is the minimum age.

What is the material used and is it permanent?
Materials, installation procedures and permanence are determined on a project-by-project basis.

How are projects funded?
We consult with each organization to create a customized funding strategy that can include fundraising events, grants, crowd sourcing, corporate sponsorship and donations.

Why are photographs retouched?
Subjects will not appear retouched at all! Our skilled retouchers minimize acne and clean up flyaway hair. Our experience has proven that people feel much better about their photos and themselves when their skin looks good - not perfect, but clear and healthy.